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Luxury Vinyl

The Floor Store is your one-stop shop for the finest floor covering in Binghamton and the surrounding areas. Whether you desire the look of hardwood, the warmth of carpet, or the durability of porcelain tile, you will find what you’re looking for in our store.

We will assist you in the selection process to assure your satisfaction and even show you what your will look like on our design app before you purchase so there is no doubt you made the right decision for your home. We understand you take pride in your home and want you to rest assured you are getting the best products for you budget.

We have professional installation available by a team of installers with a combined 80 years of experience. If you decide to do-it-yourself, we would be happy to guide you through all the steps necessary to successfully complete your project.

Why Choose Our Products

We take pride in providing the most popular products from the finest manufacturers in the world. All of our products are first quality… no seconds, millruns or off goods.

You can rest assured you are getting all the up to date styles, colors and trends that are available.

How The Floor Store Can Help You

If you are having a hard time choosing the most suitable type of flooring for your home or office, Tony can help you. His experience as well as design expertise when it comes to flooring will help you find the best solution for your flooring project.

For more information about products and installation services, visit our contact page or call 607-772-9000.